5 minutes a day

5 minutes a day

What can you do in 5 minutes a day? If I told you, you could inspire change in your body, change in your world and make progress on things that you’ve been wanting to do for ages, all in 5 minutes a day. Would you say yes and give it a go?

Change your mind

Today, I changed my entire brain state from cranky and tired, to relaxed and calm in 5 minutes. What did I do? I turned off the outside world and listened to two songs on my headphones. Two songs that touch deep in my body, my soul and give me a chance to disconnect from the world around me.

What songs are they!! I hear you ask. But really, it doesn’t matter. The songs change depending on what is happening around me. What matters is that I’ve set aside 5 minutes of time for me. And with that 5 minutes, I’ve changed my mind and my ability to take on the world again.

Change your mind, change your world.

Change your body

Wait… what do you mean you can change your body in 5 minutes?

You sure can. In exercise, you could spend 5 minutes doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training). A walk around the block could take 5 minutes. Run to the park and back. In dance, 5 minutes could see you practise a choreography, or drill / repeat a combo multiple times

If you did this a few times in a day, several days a week, this adds up. A 5 minute “micro-practise” could see you remembering your choreography better, it could see your body changing, getting stronger, learning new ways of moving. One small bit at a time.

When I’m planning my days for training, I find time to add in small pockets of time. They help solidify information in my brain and body and help build up what I know.

Practising doesnt need to be hard work and take a lot of time.

Change your knowledge

5 minutes adds up when you’re reading a book. Or doing research. We all think that we need to spend hours at a time pouring over books or on the internet. Which, sometimes we do get lost in what we are doing and manage to do. But sometimes a targeted approach and then giving time for your brain to mull over the information and sort it can produce more ideas and connections.

Be the change you want to see.

Change your world

We have long thought that we are powerless. Worth less than others. We talk down to ourselves because putting others before ourselves is what we’ve been told is the right thing to do.

But every 5 minutes in your day that you take to do one of the above things, makes you stronger. It gives you more energy, more brain capacity, more ability.

They are stepping stones to what you can achieve and what you can do.

I challenge you to take 5 minutes today. Even if you only do it once. Then I ask you to repeat this tomorrow. Take another 5 minutes. Be daring, try doing it twice in one day. Or even 3 times.

See what change you can make in your world.

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