Chooseday: Finding time

My personal practices took a bit of a secondary position last week due to my eldest daughter’s 5th birthday. If you’ve ever had kids or known someone who has kids, then you’ll know what a major adventure and investment in time this is, especially for the kid!

She wanted a superhero themed birthday party as she has been watching the original Wonder Woman and Batman tv series on occasion. So theme party invites, entertainer dressed as Wonder Woman and themed cake were a must!

The cake was definitely the highlight of the party from the parents point of view. The kids were stoked that Wonder Woman was there to paint their faces, play games and make them balloon animals.

But what does this have to do with dance?

Focus. We can really only truly focus properly on one thing at a time. For me, this last week was a rest week. After running 3 weeks of 3 hour weekend workshops and classes starting back next week, a week away from being busy was nice.

This doesn’t mean that all my practice stopped. Just the big session. I still immersed myself in my music, did micro drill practices and mentally reviewed my choreographies.

Check back in next week when we’ll delve more into those topics!