Dancing Games

Shut-in? Got nothing to do? Need to dance but don’t have any inspiration? Family/housemates not really into dance but you need someone to do it with? Well, push back the couches, it’s time to dance. Here are some ways to dance through an isolation vacation.

Lounge Room Disco

The first rule of lounge room disco is; what happens in lounge room disco stays in the disco session.

Lounge room disco is the perfect time to bust a move to some music you’d never normally get to dance to. Mix up the music so there’s a little bit of everything in it and everyone in the house will want to play. The best bit is you can do this at any time of the day or night and all it requires is music and you!

Just remember, no cameras, no inhibitions and no stories after the fact!

Silent Disco Dance Party

Want to dance with friends, but hate their music tastes? Then silent disco is exactly what you need.

You will need; friends (in person or online), a source of music (with headphones if you’re in person).

If you’re doing this online, get everyone to mute their microphones before the music comes on. Agree to how long you’re going to dance for before you all come back together and then turn on the music and dance with all your friends to your own music.

If you’re in person, you will all need headphones so that it’s truly a silent disco.

Try Out a New Dance Style

Friends don’t want to try belly dancing? Why not find one of the many free taster classes out there in another style. Could contemporary dance be a winner for your family? Maybe you need some Gaga Dance in your life.

Cross-training your dance can help you find new inspiration, and right now with all the online classes available, it’s never been easier to find something different to try out.

Dance Charades

Games are always a fun way of spending some time without TV and why not change up your usual set of games by making them dance-based?

Instead of standard charades, why not turn it into Dance Charades! If you have some friends who are rather knowledgable in a particular style, you could see if they can pick the difference between you impersonating Nagwa Fouad and Samia Gamal, or Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. If not, see who can guess Tap Dance from Contemporary from Hip Hop without the music to guide them.

Dansic or Musce? Mix it up!

Looking for something a little more interesting? Mix it up! Get two sets of cards. One has a musical style, the other a dance style. See if you can Cha Cha to old school hip hop, or maybe Crump to a 1940s swing jazz piece or musical theatre.

A Musical Intervention

Got a musician in the house? All of these games can take on an even wider appeal by getting them involved too. It just takes a little thinking outside the box to adapt dance games to include a muso! Like name that show tune or match the real song to the misheard lyrics.

Have you got some other ideas for dance games that you could play? Why not share them on the APB Dance Facebook or Instagram pages. Share ideas with others and see if there’s anything there you’d like to try out.