Returning to the studio

Returning to the studio

It’s that time when we are all returning to the studio for in person classes after a year (or more) of online learning and training at home. Check out our tips and tricks below for safely returning to the studio, no matter if you are a teacher or a student.

Prepare Mentally

If you haven’t been leaving home much, except for getting groceries, then you may feel quite anxious about being in a space with people you don’t know.

What can you do?

First of all, breathe. The first time you come out into a space with people, it can be a big deal for your brain to cope with. If you are kind to yourself and give yourself space to feel all the “big” feelings that are going to come up, then you’ll be able to process them and they won’t get in your way next time.

Next. Prepare yourself. Find something to reward yourself with for doing the hard thing and leaving home! That way you get something fun. It could be an extra square of chocolate, maybe a new pair of leggings to wear to class. Something which makes you feel good will help overcome the anxiety.

Lastly, go easy on yourself. We are in the middle of very interesting times. The world is changing infront of us much faster than we’ve had previously and so things we were previously ok with, we may not be anymore. This is ok. Don’t beat yourself up about things, just find

Prepare Physically

This is really an extension of the previous section. Preparing physically to leave the house means making sure you have everything you need.

But what do you need? Good question!!

Things to consider packing into your bag for a dance class

  • The things you would normally take for class – shoes, hip scarf, water bottle etc
  • A mask (depending on your local requirements), hand santiser and/or antibacterial wipes
  • A small snack to help make sure you have energy or as a treat!

Ask Questions

It’s difficult to know everything and questions can leave you feeling insecure about wanting to return to class. How can you make sure you know what you need to know?

Questions to ask

Ask your instructor about the COVID Safe practises they have in place for class.
Not only will you know how they’re working to keep you safe, but you’ll know if you should bring things like your mask to class and if you’ll be needing to wear it while you’re dancing or not. If they have santiser on hand for you to use and how often the room is wiped down.

Ask what you should bring with you to class.
With our changing world, they might be teaching from a new location, or teaching in a different way to before. So make sure you know what to bring with you so you are prepared for class.

Ask a friend to come with you.
Sometimes it’s fun to have a friend come with you to calm your nerves and give you someone to chat to about the fun you’ve had after class!

Have Fun

Regardless of what is happening, how you’re feeling or what class you join, the most important part of returning to any dance class is to have fun!

Classes are all about pushing yourself to new amazing heights and after so long in the online space, just being in a room with other people is going to be great.