The antidote to blah

The antidote to blah

Lockdowns of the kind we are experiencing right now in Australia can be really hard on you mentally and physically (another slide of chocolate cake anyone?). Even if you are not in lockdown though, there are times when life gets really rough and you don’t feel like yourself. Which means it can be hard to get up the motivation to do anything. Sound familar? We’ve got a few ideas below that might help you beat that funk.

1. Breathe In… Breathe Out

It may feel a little obvious… but the easiest thing you can do to help give your brain a boost is to breathe!

But we are dancers! Why simply breathe when you could do a moving meditation?

Before you think this sounds super hard, it really isn’t. Simply put on your favourite song take a few breaths and then let your body slowly move in small movements to the music. Don’t think about how you’re moving, just let your body go and focus on your breathe. Easy right! And fun too.

2. Change your scenery

It’s been said a change is as good as a holiday. But sometimes you can’t even leave your house. So how do you shake it up?

If you’re fully locked down and can’t leave your home at all, try dancing facing a different direction in your space, or even try a different room! What happens if lounge room disco becomes a kitchen showcase?

If you’ve got an outdoors space, you could take your dance time outside. Enjoy some vitamin D while you are grooving away.

Or if you’ve got the ability to leave home, rather than walking around the block or park, why not 3/4 shimmy your way there?

3. Look after your body

Sometimes what you need isn’t more moving but less. Or even in a different direction.

Have you been dancing and are still struggling? Maybe it’s time for some gentle stretching. Or swap to some conditioning work like yoga or pilates/barre classes. Or even just a good old-fashioned bath.

Been sitting all day, but don’t feel like dancing? 😲 Pump the music up loud and just let your brain enjoy the track without needing to move to it. It’s totally a dance workout to let you rbrain dance even if your body can’t.

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s the hardest part. You don’t want to add any pressure onto yourself if you’re not feeling great, so why not keep it simple with doing just 5 minutes.

Have you just put the kettle on? Spend the time while it boils consciously breathing, or maybe take those few minutes to put on a song and bust a move or do a moving meditation.

If you have a bit of control over your day, set aside 5 minutes twice a day and try two different ideas.

Have a bit more time? Why not join in an online class (if you’re locked down) and give yourself 60 minutes where you don’t need to think about how to dance – let someone else lead you!

All it takes is 5 minutes… and you.