The best moments ever

Being a belly dancer can sometimes seem like all hard work and shaking jingly stuff at customers… but there are some magical moments too. Read on for the top 10 best moments, both large and small, in every belly dancers’ dancing life.

1. Getting off stage after your first solo performance.

2. Nailing a difficult combo the first time you try it.

3. Receiving payment for your first paid gig.

4. Fixing up a move you’ve been doing wrong before the teacher noticed.

5. Realising that your balance prop is actually staying where you put it.

6. Finding the ultimate costume that just fits you with no alterations required.

7. Discovering you have more music on your computer than you thought.

8. That feeling when you eat your first mouthful of dinner after a long day of dancing.

9. Discovering your favourite teacher is coming to town to teach classes.

10. When you don’t get dizzy from doing multiple turns at the end of a drum solo.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the best moments. If you’re interested in experiencing a few of these moments, why not try a class with us?