What’s in your (dance) bag?

Continuing our belly dance hacks posts (see all the posts here), in every group of dancers, there’s always the one who has a huge bag filled with everything all the others have forgotten… hairpins, safety pins, bandaids, make up setting powder. So today, I thought I’d open up my dance bag and show you guys what makes my list of essential items I take to any gig or workshop. Let’s open up my wheely-case and see what’s inside…

1. Makeup kit.

This may seem like a bit of a no brainer, but in every bag I take places, there is some level of makeup.

For gigs, there’s enough makeup for me to re-do my entire face in case I get rained on or if I have a costume change that might mean I need to change up the colours on my eyes or lips.

For workshops, I carry some lip balm and gloss (want to look good in the group photos at the end!), mascara and a hairbrush.

2. Costume and a change of clothes

If you’re going to a gig, you may need to take your costume rather than wear it (depending on what the changing area is like). But regardless of gig or workshop, I will generally always have a change of clothes on me. It could be just a t-shirt ot change into at the end of the workshop so I feel fresh for the next stage of the day, or a complete outfit overhaul so that I can look swish and comfy after my performance.

3. Shoes

But you’re wearing shoes! I hear you say! Of course I am, but I always have a pair of foot paws or ballet scuffs (flats) in my bag just in case the workshop floor is difficult to dance on or if protecting my knees means putting something on my feet to help me move. If I’m at a gig, I’ve probably got my dance heals in my bag. Makes me feel extra grown up to know that I’ve got an amazing set of dance heals I can throw on if I want (or need to).

4. Admin things

Now, this is a bit of a general heading. I have a notebook and pen (can’t take notes from your inspiration if you don’t have somewhere to write it), my card reader for taking payments on my phone, my business cards and flyers.

5. Bits’n’pieces

Hairpins, safety pins, my finger cymbals (even if I’m not due to perform with them), any other props I need, band-aids/sticking plasters, tissues and a copy of my music on a mobile device (iPod/phone). All essentials to make sure that you’re looking right and sounding good.

Is there anything else you carry? What are your essential “go-to” items for when you’re at a show or workshop?

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