Belly Dance Classes

Tired of gyms and running? Need a bit of inspiration to get off the couch and move? Why not try belly dance?

Belly dance is a great, low impact exercise that is accessible to anyone of any age, size or fitness level. Plus, it’s great for mental health, self-esteem, coordination and physical strength! The movements are gentle and non-jarring for less possibility of injury.

No matter if you’re a beginner, an advanced dancer or just trying to get off the couch, APB Dance belly dance classes will help you get moving with a side dish of spunk and fun!

And, most importantly, belly dance is perhaps the most enjoyable low impact aerobic workout available. Our dancers agree that there are few specializations that have such a friendly and welcoming community.

Monthly workshops are great for people who just want to belly dance and move with combinations and even a little choreography.

Advanced level dancers can be accommodated within any class or workshop with additional layers and more advanced moves being included for those who want an extra challenge!

Take some time for yourself and join an APB Dance belly dance class today!

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