28 Mar 2021 – Bal Anat Prague

28 Mar 2021 – Bal Anat Prague

Our instructor, Amanda, is proud to join the cast of Bal Anat for its only 2020 show in Prague, Czech Republic.

Bal Anat stands at the crossroads of tradition and fantasy but is always rooted in the traditional dances and cultures of the Middle East, from North Africa, the Anatolian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, and the Levant. Middle Eastern audiences have praised Bal Anat for its sentiment, reverence, and nostalgia.

Every performance of Bal Anat is different, and you’ll never see the same show twice. You might see the fierce women of Morocco, the stately Ouled Nail from Algeria, the flirty 19th-Century Ghawazi from Egypt, or the coy water pot dancers. But you’ll always witness the masked dance of the Mother Goddess, the archetypal feminine creator and destroyer.

Its groundbreaking blend of the traditional, folkloric, and fantasy has inspired and will continue to inspire generations of belly dancers.

Bal Anat is the past, present, and future of belly dance.

When: 28th March 2021, 7-9pm

Where: Divadlo Hybernia, Náměstí Republiky 3/4, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Cost: 690- 790 Czech Koruna ($49-52AUD)

Tickets: http://balanatprague.com/vstupenky