Inhale Exhale Workshop – 11 Apr 2022

Inhale Exhale Workshop – 11 Apr 2022


Date & Time: Monday 11th April – 7-8.30pm

Hybrid delivery:

  • In Studio at Kindred Studios Dance and Yoga Room – 3 Harris Street Yarraville
  • Online via Zoom

Note: Only 5 in studio places are available to allow enough space for everyone to move safely. Unlimited Zoom spots are available and recording will be available for 2 weeks after the workshop.

Cost: $30 full fee / $25 early bird (purchase before 31st March).

Level / Style: Open to all, style independent.


Is performing stressful for you? Do you find that you get out of breath easily while dancing or performing? Does everything feel so fast and you don’t understand how others could be keeping up? Do you want to learn how to breathe while you are dancing?

Then this workshop is just what you need!

Unlock your full potential of movement with the simplicity of breathing.

Benefits of learning how to breath while you dance:

  • Increase power in your movements!
  • Allow you to dance for longer without tiring!
  • Slow down the music so that you can dance the way you want to!
  • No more red puffy face when you’re done dancing!
  • Never get overwhelmed while trying to remember complicated choreography!
  • Remain calm and centered even in the most difficult choreography!
  • No more stiff, robotic style dance (unless that’s what you want to do)!