Shimmy Mob – 8 May 2021

Shimmy Mob – 8 May 2021

Currently, around 1 in 4 women and families report being in danger of domestic violence.

For every report, there are so many more who do not speak up.
For every report, there are the ones who are killed by their partner/family member.

Every case reported requires support services to help re-house and re-start lives, outside of that fear of violence.

Berry Street is one of those support services, servicing the great Melbourne. They support, women, families, children and LGBTQI+ escape violence every day.

The Melbourne chapter of the Shimmy Mob team is in it’s 3rd year of joining in with over 170 other cities around the world in performing and fundraising money for domestic violence services.

On May 8, the Melbourne Shimmy Mob group will perform our piece, in public, with hopefully a nice audience (you) cheering us on. You can find us at:



Some of our dancers will be having their first performance. For some, they will be stepping outside their usual style of dance and for others, it’ll be the best performance they’ll ever give.

How can you help?

Your small donation of $2 will give Berry Street funds to be able help more people under direct threat of violence. Help give them new houses, new lives, away from those who want to harm them.

Give to Berry Street. Help women and families escape violence today.

Will take you to the Shimmy Mob Melbourne mycause page to donate directly to Berry Street.