Online Just Dance Belly Dance Class

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This class is all about combos and choreographies and having fun!


  • Every Tuesday
  • No class Tuesday 9th & 16th July 2024

Time: 6.45 – 7.45pm

Location: Online via Zoom video conferencing

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  • Every week starting Tuesday 9th January 2024
  • No class Tuesday 1st and 8th April.

Time: 6.45 – 7.45pm

Location: Online via Zoom video conferencing


  • $10 casual attendance
  • $30 for a 4 week class pass (save 25%!)
  • $75 for a 10 week class pass (save 25%!)


Not just a staple for the middle eastern restaurants, belly dance is:

  • An amazing low impact way to get moving
  • Able to be done by anyone of any body shape, age or fitness level
  • A great alternative to cardio classes at the gym
  • Useful in everyday life as you never know when an instant dance party is going to appear!

What do we do in class? Let me help you peek behind the curtain:

  • First, we warm up our bodies and push the day out of our minds.
  • We explore combos and choreographies to use the moves we use.
  • Lastly we do a quick cool down before we return the world outside the studio.

It’s such a fun class that you won’t know why you hadn’t tried it before!

Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Leggings, tracksuit or yoga pants are preferable over skirts so that the instructor can see what you’re doing and help adjust you so you get the best out of the move. Don’t worry if you don’t have a hip scarf, just dance without one!
Yourself. A water bottle. A sense of adventure.
You will need a computer or tablet that can run the Zoom video conferencing software.
Please connect approx 5 minutes before class start time to ensure that you can connect and don’t have any issues hearing or seeing the instructor.

Please be aware of your surroundings and ensure you have an area clear of anything you could kick or trip over of approx 1.5 square meters to work within. We try to keep everything nice and small as we understand not everyone has a large dedicated space to dance in at home.

This class is for everyone. Don’t believe me? Let’s see….
  • Never ever danced (not even a session of lounge room disco)? Come see what you’ve been missing.
  • Done a belly dancing class once a few years ago / got a term of belly dance under your belt? Woo! Come and see what we can do to extend your abilities!
  • Been dancing since you were 3yo? Love it, come see what we do.
  • Too old (physical or mentally)? Not for this. Discover what you can do any any age.
  • Can’t run/jog/hate the gym? Us too! That’s why we dance!
  • Too fat / thin / got a booty or boobs? Congratulations, you have a body, just like us! Come and see what it can do!
  • Introvert? It’s ok, we don’t want to talk, we just want to dance!
  • Got kids? Us too. Trust me you deserve this.
  • Have 2 left hips / left feet / no coordination? We’ve all been there (seriously!). Belly dancing promotes coordination and positive mental health.
  • Human? Yup. It’s an affliction many of us have. Good thing dance is for humans.


Amanda leads you in this fun class each week.

She utilises different songs and techniques to get you moving and grooving. She knows how to make it no work and all fun!

Read more about Amanda here.