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Can’t find what you’re looking for in normal classes?
Need someone to take a critical eye to your choreography?
Need some pointers with improvisation but too frightened to do it in a group class?
Literally cannot leave the house?

A private class might be your answer!

Get a one hour one-on-one class and the world is your oyster.

Pick your focus and let us help you get the most from your class.

For those not in Melbourne, or not wanting to leave the house, we can work over the internet through the magic of our computer screens.

Pick from a range of topics listed below or bring your own!

Some ideas for topics:

  • Help me progress my choreography with a review.
  • I need some confidence with my improvisation.
  • Musical timing and rhythms.
  • Musicality – what’s in the music?
  • I need to learn to dance but don’t want to come to a shared class.
  • I just wanna dance with someone.