Your dance space

Your Dance Space

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you can’t get things done? Why it seems like such a big issue to get in and practise? It could be because you have too many options on what to practise. But it could equally be that you don’t have the mental space to work because of your Read More

A Brief Look at the Taqsim

Taqsim (Arabic: تَقْسِيم‎ / ALA-LC: taqsīm; Greek: ταξίμι, romanized: taksimi, Turkish: taksim) is a melodic musical improvisation that usually precedes the performance of a traditional Arabic, Greek, Middle Eastern, or Turkish musical composition. Wikipedia Taking a moment this week to indulge my musical side. Long before dance called to me, I was a musician. Western stylised Read More

Belly Dance Hands

“The upper limb is the lightning rod to the soul.” Robert Markison Hands – those funny things that hang off the end of your arms. They are a significant part of what separates us physically from other mammals and an underrated part of our body when it comes to dancing. When dancing, your hand and Read More

Documenting your dance

Documenting dance. Sounds super un-fun right? But, also kind of essential. After all, it’s one thing to remember what you’ve done, but something entirely different to remember it tomorrow! For example, I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 hours dreaming up combos for a workshop I’m running next weekend. I’ve tried them out, Read More

Belly Dance Feet

Our feet are planted in the real world but we dance with angels… John C Mitchell Feet. They’re those floppy bits on the end of your legs. They support everything that you do while you are upright from standing to walking and dancing. They connect us to the ground, take the full weight of our Read More

Belly Dance Life Hacks

When I originally had the idea to share some of my belly dance life hacks, I thought I’d do a quick search to see what everyone else had already blogged about – I made a huge discovery! There are many posts out there covering belly dance life hacks, but they all seem to share the Read More

Dance Practise Procrastination

I’d like to confess something up front, I’m a procrastinator. Yes, a procrastinator. As in I put off doing tasks until I have no options but to get it done. But a part of growing as a dancer (and as an adult), requires me to overcome obstacles in my path – one of which is Read More

May all your weeds by wild flowers

Finding inspiration

I was struck by a moment of inspiration this last weekend. My jingly-appreciative-belly-dance-husband and I went to Sydney to see a concert as a part of the Vivid Festival at the Sydney Opera House. While I let the music coming off the stage wash over me, with its complexities, I found myself daydreaming about how Read More

How do you style your dance?

Continuing in our “Belly dance 101” series, we are going to take a look at all the major different styles of belly dance in this post.
So how do you style your dance?
The body can only move in so many different ways, so the different styles of belly dance comes through in how movements are sequenced and how they are “dressed up”. Read More


I’ve just finished another week of amazing training with Suhaila Salimpour from the Salimpour School of Belly Dance. The week elicited emotions from pure joy at finding freedom in dancing to the music, to frustration when my body wouldn’t operate the way I wanted it to and everything in between – hope, sadness, happiness and Read More

Belly Dance 101

While some of you readers may be well versed in what Belly Dance is, I’m sure there’s a few who are a little confused, or are curious to learn a little more before you take the plunge on your first belly dance class.
So without further ado, welcome to APB Dance Belly Dance 101! Read More

Chooseday: Exploring Shapes

Happy Chooseday! I was clicking through the Tedx talk archives the other day and came across an interesting talk given by a choreographer who showed how he works with dancers to build choreographies. He even built one using two dancers on stage during the talk! So I started to explore this concept myself. How many Read More

Chooseday: More than just a dance

Did you know that there is more to learning dance than just learning how to move your body? On this Chooseday, we are going to look into how you can get more out of your dance by learning more about it. Every dance format has history. Our teachers learnt from someone, who likely learnt it Read More

Why I belly dance

Why do you belly dance? Why do you dance? Why do you perform? Why do you create art? 10 years ago, I was convinced to come with a friend to a belly dance class that was a short walk from my house. We danced a term of beginners together and then she moved to the Read More

Chooseday: Finding time

My personal practices took a bit of a secondary position last week due to my eldest daughter’s 5th birthday. If you’ve ever had kids or known someone who has kids, then you’ll know what a major adventure and investment in time this is, especially for the kid! She wanted a superhero themed birthday party as Read More

On Chooseday we dance

Choose belly dance.
Choose to spend time practising.
Choose your focus movement.
Choose your concept.
Choose the music.
Choose to move. Read More

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