Your dance space

Your Dance Space

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you can’t get things done? Why it seems like such a big issue to get in and practise? It could be because you have too many options on what to practise. But it could equally be that you don’t have the mental space to work because of your Read More

A Brief Look at the Taqsim

Taqsim (Arabic: تَقْسِيم‎ / ALA-LC: taqsīm; Greek: ταξίμι, romanized: taksimi, Turkish: taksim) is a melodic musical improvisation that usually precedes the performance of a traditional Arabic, Greek, Middle Eastern, or Turkish musical composition. Wikipedia Taking a moment this week to indulge my musical side. Long before dance called to me, I was a musician. Western stylised Read More

How do you style your dance?

Continuing in our “Belly dance 101” series, we are going to take a look at all the major different styles of belly dance in this post.
So how do you style your dance?
The body can only move in so many different ways, so the different styles of belly dance comes through in how movements are sequenced and how they are “dressed up”. Read More

Why I belly dance

Why do you belly dance? Why do you dance? Why do you perform? Why do you create art? 10 years ago, I was convinced to come with a friend to a belly dance class that was a short walk from my house. We danced a term of beginners together and then she moved to the Read More

On Chooseday we dance

Choose belly dance.
Choose to spend time practising.
Choose your focus movement.
Choose your concept.
Choose the music.
Choose to move. Read More

New year, new goals

I always enjoy the change of year, not just because of the fireworks, but because it’s a time to celebrate. Celebrate who I was last year and who I would like to be in the year coming. Read More

On when things get tough

On when it gets tough

In an ideal world, this post would be a short one that said:

“You are worthwhile, deal with it.”

But we as humans are far more complex than that. Read More

On things that make noise

I have an admission to make. I love playing finger cymbals (zills, sagat, hellspawn carried on the fingers, whatever you wish to call them). In this series we will take a look at what the can do. Read More