Melbourne Salimpour Collective

The Melbourne Salimpour Collective (MSC) is a performing troupe made up of dancers who are active in the Salimpour School. The performance group is officially sanctioned by the Salimpour School and exist to help to keep students motivated, inspired, and connected with the “Mothership.”

Collective members learn and perform choreographies from the Salimpour repertoire. The dancers also support each other as they train and prepare for certification exams. They also have the opportunity to work directly with the school’s highly-trained Level 5 instructors, either in person or online.

The MSC takes great pride in presenting and representing the influential Salimpour legacy in belly dance.

MSC members must have a Level 1 certifications in the Suhaila Salimpour and/or Jamila Salimpour formats, with a plan for their next certification and are active in the program (attending workshops with school instructors, online classes and /or local classes).

If you are interested in having the MSC perform at your next event or joining the colletive, please contact us for more information.


Melbourne Salimpour Collective at Flow: Episode 1