Learn to play complex zill patterns confidently, fast!

Do you want to learn to play zill / sagat / finger cymbals but feel intimidated by them?
Do you feel like you’re all clang-clang-clang and not ring-a-ting-ting?
Do you wish someone would just make it easy for you to get started/get better?
Would you love to feel confident playing and dancing at the same time?

You’ve come to the right place!

Precious Metals is a workshop series built to help dancers of all styles – even FCBD® and fusion dancers – get comfortable not only playing zill but also moving and improvising while doing so.

Belly dancers have been playing zill for years as both a form of acapella accompaniment and also as flourish when dancing to both live and pre-recorded music. Their bright lively sound adds a new dimension to the performance.

Amanda posting in an orange 2 piece belly dance costume, facing to the left with both arms extended towards the left with finger cymbals on her fingers. She has one leg out from a split in the skirt.

Why learn to play zills?

When starting, having one more thing to think about on top of your choreography or improvisational moves, your posture, smiling and breathing can be too much! It’s not a surprise that for many dancers, playing zill is the last thing on their list of things to learn.

This series of workshops, held once a month, will guide you from getting a firm grip on the basics of zill playing through to moving and playing confidently. Each session will build on the previous, and you’ll be provided with free tools to help you build your skills so you’re ready to tackle the most interesting of sound patterns.

Amanda dancing will zill at the WAMED 2023 Leilat Showcase. You too could learn how to do this!

Are you:

  • New to dancing? That’s a great time to start learning how to play! This amazing method will have you playing and dancing fast.
  • Really experienced at dancing, but not so experienced with the zill? Perfect. We will really be able to hone your playing so that you’ll be tripping the light fantastic with them soon.
  • Know what you’re doing but want a chance to “tune-up” your playing? We’re so chuffed you want to keep developing this amazing skill. We’ve got just the right set of challenges ready to make sure you are getting the best out of your zill playing.

What happens each month

Session 1 – Brass.
Your zill are made of brass, so it makes sense to start with the basics. Let’s check in with our technique for playing and also build and refine the base patterns we use.

Session 2 – Iron.
Let’s start to strengthen our practice. Start to move and learn how the zill can be used to provide a strong base for us to dance from.

Session 3 – Bronze.
Bronze signifies how we can bring together two base metals to create a practical material that makes a difference in our lives. This session will focus on fusing the music of the zill to our dance to make something truly amazing.

Session 4 – Silver.
Silver has traditionally been associated with being polished. This session will be focused on honing your speed and consistency that makes a great zill player stand apart from everyone else.

Session 5 – Gold.
We forge gold into jewellery and use it to demonstrate the precious things in our lives. Discover your personal style that zill playing can highlight in you.

Session 6 – Platinum.
Here is where you truly get to shine. Bring together all the skills you have learnt into something amazing.

Give me the details!

The Precious Metals workshop are 6 x 2h workshops, running once a month, between 2.30-4.30pm on the following dates:

16 Sep 202321 Oct 202318 Nov 20239 Dec 202320 Jan 202417 Feb 2024

$40 per session (casual) or pay for all 6 up front for $200 (save $40!)

Where are the workshops running?

Studio M4 – 7/324 Albert St, Brunswick.

Lots of on-street parking is available, plus a short walk from Brunswick Train station (Upfield line) and Sydney Rd tram #19 (Albert St stop).

The studio is accessible for those in need of movement assistance and the workshop is possible to be done if you are injured or in need of adjustments to be able to perform a movement. Please check in with your instructor when you arrive for the session if you require additional support provided to you during the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

About your teacher

Amanda has been living and breathing music since she was a young child. She started playing instruments at age 3, moving between playing different styles and types of musical instruments for all of her developmental years. She was a part of several bands and choirs and after leaving school, worked as a DJ in nightclubs for many years.

She joined a belly dance class back in 2009 and has enjoyed combining her love of music with the joy of movement. When introduced to playing zill, she found that her two passions overlapped and suddenly many pieces dropped into place about why she has always felt at home in the music.

Amanda is Australia’s only Fundamentals Licensed Instructor with the Salimpour School of Belly Dance and continues her studies in many different areas of Arabic music, culture and history.

Recently returned from performing with the world’s longest-running bellydance show, Bal Anat, and labelled as the “sharpest zill on the east coast” by Princess Fi, she is an instructor that you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from.

Photo of Amanda in a red 2 piece costume with her arms out to the side on a black stage.