Welcome to APB Dance

Have you ever dreamed of dancing?

Want to be ready for that insane pop up dance party?

Hate the sweaty gym with it’s annoying music and beeping machines?

Then you need a dance class that has been created for at people like you.

APB Dance provides instruction to dancers of all levels with belly dance classes that focus on you. From solid training to classes for fun, there’s something to suit everybody.

No matter if you are a hobbyist dancer, looking for a reason to get out of the house; are tired of the gym or are a life long one looking for a new challenge, we have the right moves to get you moving.

Try a Belly Dance Class

Find us in Melbourne's inner north. Our classes are designed to get you moving no matter how coordinated you feel and have you leaving with a smile and love in your heart.

Watch Us Perform!

APB Dance regularly runs gala shows and student recitals. Check out where you can find our teachers, students and the Melbourne Salimpour Collective performing.

Dancing to help our community

APB Dance loves helping support our local community by participating in fundraising events like Shimmy Mob! In 2019, 14 dancers participated in the 9th Annual World Wide Shimmy Mob event in May and we're back to raise even more funds in 2020.