Take to the stage…

Do you want to do belly dance performances?
Do you know the difference between a stage performance and a cabaret seated performance?
Would you like to increase your stage skills to make your performances even better?


Starting in 2024, APB Dance is offering a performance-centric class with at least 2 performance opportunities during the year!

Learn dances with Amanda, as well as the core skills you will need to be able to perform them.

What will I get to perform?

You are never too young or too old start performing. This class teaches you the skills you need to both get started and also to level up your performance.

We will be learning some of Amanda’s choreographies to perform; dance movement (as we don’t want to be stuck in only one spot on stage!). Also how to enter, bow and exit the space. We’ll also look at different styles of performances, how improvisation works and different tools and tricks for knowing what you need to do and where you need to be.

You said I can perform?

APB Dance will be presenting at least 2 mini events during the year for you to perform for each other. One will happen at the end of term 2 and the other at the end of term 4. Alongside these, we may also perform at other events if those opportunities arise.

Amanda performing at Club Rakasah in September 2022

What will we do in the class?

We will be exploring:

  • Different combinations and choreographies week by week, building up a repertoire of dances.
  • What makes a skilled performance – entries, exits, bows, and how to move around the stage.
  • How to develop a strong understanding of the music so you can perform well.
  • How to watch other performances (and your own) so that you can find inspiration from many different sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure I want to perform – can I still attend?

For sure! You are allowed to have performance skills even if you never want to use them. This class will develop you as a dancer, regardless of where you want to dance

Will we be using any props as a part of the dancing?

Yes! You’ll be told in advance what props we’ll be using. If you don’t have any, you can borrow ours so you can participate.

Do I need to attend any of your other classes to be able to come to this one?

While you would get more out of the session by having attended a technique class with APB Dance, it is not essential.
To make it more affordable, a heavy discount will be applied if you do with to attend both Monday night classes.

I identify as a gender other than female, can I still attend?

Dance is for all, so we accept dancers of all varieties.

I am injured / require additional assistance, can I still participate in these workshops?

Most definitely! Our instructor is able to modify what is being taught to suit your situation, including providing seated variations if needed. Please check in with your instructor prior to the session commencing.

Can I use AfterPay / Pay in 4 / BNPL services?

Yes, you sure can. Use the Paypal Pay in 4 option at checkout.

What will we learn in this APB Dance belly dance performance class?

We will learn essential stage craft skills, choreographies, and performance related technique. There will be a minimum of 2 opportunities to perform (if you wish to try) – mid year and end of year.