In Studio Belly Dance Technique and Choreography Class

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Term 2 – 15th April – 24th June 2024 (9 week term inc. mid year party).

Term 3 – 22nd July – 16th September 2024 (9 week term).
Term 4 – 7th October – 9th December 2024 (9 week term inc. end of year party).


For the best experience, attending for a full term is best, however, you can start at any point in the term as we will circle back on many of the topics being covered each week.


NEW LOCATION: Richard Lynch Senior Citizen’s Centre – 27 Peacock St Brunswick West

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BELLY DANCING! A great way to learn about your own body!


  • Term 2 – 15th April – 24th June 2024 (9 week term + mid year event)
  • Term 3 – 22nd July – 16h September 2024 (9 week term)
  • Term 4 – 7th October – 9th December 2024 (9 week term + end of year event)

Term passes are available now!

Time: 7.00 – 8.00pm



  • $200.00 for the full 9 week term (only $22.22 per class / save 11%!)
  • $25 casual attendance



Add on the Monday night Performance and Choreography class and get more dancing and bigger savings!

Class details here (opens in a new window).

Performance class time: 8:15-9:00pm


  • Both classes: $325 for the full 9 week term (save 20% on the cost of doing both classes!!)
  • Performance class only: $160 for the full 9 week term

You get me, Amanda, as your instructor. As Australia’s only Salimpour School of Belly Dance Certified Fundamentals Instructor, and 15 years of general belly dance experience and performing, I bring you all of my expertise to ensure that you can get started moving safely and with a lot of fun and spunk!

But the class isn’t all about me. It’s about you. Getting you moving comfortably, and enjoying the fun of the room with the other dancers.

Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Leggings, tracksuit or yoga pants are preferable over skirts so that the instructor can see what you’re doing and help adjust you so you get the best out of the move. Don’t worry if you don’t have a hip scarf, we have some you can borrow in class!

Yourself. A water bottle. A sense of adventure.
We generally dance barefoot, but if you have knee issues, we recommend ballet scuffs/slippers or dance shoes.
Note: (Non-dance) sneakers and day shoes are allowed on the studio floors.

This class is for everyone. Don’t believe me? Let’s see….

  • Never ever danced (not even a session of lounge room disco)? Come see what you’ve been missing.
  • Done a belly dancing class once a few years ago / got a term of belly dance under your belt? Woo! Come and see what we can do to extend your abilities!
  • Been dancing since you were 3yo? Love it, come see what we do.
  • Too old (physical or mentally)? Not for this. Discover what you can do any any age.
  • Can’t run/jog/hate the gym? Us too! That’s why we dance!
  • Too fat / thin / got a booty or boobs? Congratulations, you have a body, just like us! Come and see what it can do!
  • Introvert? It’s ok, we don’t talk much, we all just want to dance!
  • Got kids? Us too. Trust me you deserve this.
  • Have 2 left hips / left feet / no coordination? We’ve all been there (seriously!). Belly dancing promotes coordination and positive mental health.
  • Human? Yup. It’s an affliction many of us have. Good thing dance is for humans.